We develop
logistics projects.
From land purchase
to building permit.

And we do it right.

what we do

We develop logistics projects, closing the circle from land purchase to building permit. And we bear the planning risk.

We purchase land in strategic positions, with great potential for industrial/logistics development, and we take control of the entire operation. We generally purchase parcelled land from different owners, which then needs to be merged, areas for which the urban planning process needs to be completed, brown areas, and abandoned lots that need to be redeveloped, or areas that have not yet achieved their full commercial potential.
We conduct thorough due diligence on the land and go through the urban planning process with our highly specialised professional staff.
Once building permits have been obtained, we sell the operation to end users, developers, or real-estate funds.

how we do it

This is what
we can do
in 10 cm.
Imagine what
we can do
in 50,000!

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