We take
a close look
at every
last detail.

At Develog we believe that forming loyal, inclusive relationships with our stakeholders creates real added value in the overall context of commercial transactions, both internal and external. This is why, at the heart of its management principles, Develog places compliance, a key element in achieving its mission and in putting into practice the business philosophy on which the group is based.

In line with these principles, Develog has:

• adopted an organisational and management model with a coordinated approach to risk management for business processes, in line with best practices in the sector and with national legislation on corporate liability (It. Leg. Decr. 231/01), which nforms its decision-making processes and commercial practices, finding the right balance between efficiency, rapidity, and guarantees. Throughout the urban planning process, its relations with the public administration and private professionals are based on compliance, integrity, responsibility, openness, transparency, and the publication of information. These are values of primary importance for Develog stakeholders, including institutional funds and major corporate groups;

• entrusted the lawyer Vittore d’Acquarone with the task of drafting and implementing compliance strategies;
• appointed Maria Cristina Motta, a lawyer with experience in the judiciary and in senior management of publicly owned entities, as supervisor;
• appointed Gen. Carlo Alfiero, a member of the Board of Directors of Develog, and former Deputy Commanding General of the Carabinieri and Prefect of Viterbo, as its compliance officer;
• established relations with its employees and collaborators based on their compliance with the principles of conduct expressed by corporate governance.

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